Irresistible You by Francis Ray
St. Martinís Press
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-312-93974-8
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Three married and two more to go!  Ruth Grayson is determined to see all her children happily married even if she has to drag each one of them kicking and screaming to the altar.  Ruthís latest conquest is her youngest son, Pierce, who appears to be the most difficult one of them all; nevertheless, Ruth is up to the challenge.  The special lady that Ruth has chosen for Pierce is the beautiful, famous Broadway singer, Sabra Raineau; however, Pierce doesnít know it because Ruth has successfully pushed another woman (who is in on her plan) into his path knowing that Pierce would run in the opposite direction directly into Sabraís arms.  Oh, what a fantastic plan!  Now, all Ruth has to do is to set her plan into motion and watch everything fall neatly into place.

Irresistible You is without a doubt one of my chosen Joyfully Reviewed recommended read!  From start to finish, the book quickly pulled me into the wonderfully written plot and held my interested tightly until the dramatic conclusion.  I loved everything about Irresistible You!  I was totally spellbound by the passion that instantly ignited between Pierce and Sebra.  No matter how hard the couple tried to fight their growing attraction, they could not help but to succumb to their irresistible desires.  And, it didnít help matters that Ruth made sure that they were within each otherís company whenever possible.  Francis Ray is such a magnificent and talented writer.  Her scenes are so rich in detail and emotionally binding that you canít help but fall in love with her characters and continue to read her books to see how each storyline will unfold.  So sensual that your toes will curl and emotionally exhilarating, Irresistible You is a must read!


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