Hunterís Moon by Felicity Heaton
Alinar Publishing
ISBN: 1-906023-08-5
Reviewed by Klarissa




Alone in his secluded cabin, Scott thinks about the nine years heís kept his secrets to himself, alone.  With the hunters traipsing through the forest out front, Scott sits in his own oblivion.  Then a gunshot rents the air bringing more than the sound of the bullet to his doorstep.

Scott is shocked to find a naked woman lying on his porch.  After bringing her inside, Scott has no idea that his days of living alone with his secrets are about to end.  And this beautiful creature is more than what he ever imagined.

I have recently found Felicity Heatonís books and Iím so thrilled I did.  Hunterís Moon is a quick read, but full of so much entertainment youíll devour this morsel and seek out more.  Scott and Neoma are a couple Fate has not ignored.  Both are lonely and needing the love of their mate.  Their attraction sparks immediately which works out so perfect for the reader.  Hunterís Moon is a definite Recommended Read.


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