Hunger of the Wolf by Madelaine Montague
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN 1-58608-
Reviewed by Rosemary




Dante Belue, prime alpha, is in pursuit of a troublemaking rogue pack in his territory.  He stumbles upon Shilo McKenzie, who he finds absolutely irresistible, despite the fact she’s human and forbidden to him according to lycan law.  Shilo is an electro-kinetic psychic, who has been on the run from the government ever since she escaped their clutches.  While jogging in the park, Dante rescues Shilo from an attack by the rogue alpha. 

Hunger of the Wolf is an action packed, sizzling hot story.  Dark and sexy as sin, bad to the bone, Dante is every woman’s dream.  Shilo is so seductively potent, she drives the lycan wild.  Madelaine Montague is a witty, talented author, who stirs up a craving for more of her creative tales.  I think Hunger of the Wolf is excellent, and I look forward to Madelaine Montague’s next submission.


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