His Submissive by Reese Gabriel
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic BDSM
ISBN: 9781419910364
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Linzee Kiley knows that while David Carlisle is one of the most handsome men she has ever seen good looks don’t mean he is a nice person and even sexual deviants can come in pretty packages.  She is there meeting him for one thing only and that is to convince him to stay away from her flighty younger sister.  She has no plans at becoming his submissive. None.  So why, hours after their meeting is she still aroused and fantasizing about him? 

From the moment Linzee Kiley walks into the coffee shop to order him away from her sister, David Carlisle knows immediately she is a sexual submissive; untrained, feisty, and unsure of herself, but a submissive none the less.  What starts out as a meeting about Linzee’s sister turns into a battle of wills between the unrelenting dominant that is David and the hidden submissive that is Linzee.

David knows what he sees and now all he has to do is convince Linzee that D/s is not about being controlling and abusive; it is about power exchange and sweet surrender.  The one thing that Linzee might not be willing to experience but what David wants more than breathing.

Just when I think an author has explored all there is to explore with D/s, Reese Gabriel releases another novel that knocks my socks off.  Totally captivating, I found myself fully mesmerized by the character of David Carlisle.  He was unapologetic, unrelenting, and undeniably the sexiest man I have ever encountered in a novel penned by this prolific author.  Linzee came across as several different characters rolled into one.  She was bratty, confused, protective of her sister, but exactly what David needed.  Together their chemistry was explosive. 

If BDSM and D/s are what you are looking for in a novel, His Submissive has it tenfold.  Edgy, earthy, and entirely bewitching, I joyfully recommend His Submissive by Reese Gabriel.  I hungered for and lusted over every word. 


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