Highland Moonlight by Teresa J. Reasor
The Wild Rose Press
Historical/Scottish Romance
Reviewed by Tanya




Lady Mary MacLachlan is called home to her fatherís holding for the 3rd time in more than a decade, to be betrothed to someone she doesnít even know.  When things go wrong and she is seduced and subsequently shamed by her betrothed, Alexander Campbell, she flees.  When it is discovered she is pregnant and it looks like both her father and Campbell are fighting over her for the wrong reasons, she again flees, this time to Castle Lorne and demands sanctuary from Alexander's father.

Alexander has been away fighting with Robert the Bruce and now wants nothing more than to settle down and have the family that he has secretly craved.  He is drawn to Mary and seduces her for her and his menís protection, though not telling her this is what is going on.  Because of this, his betrayal destroys Mary's trust and his belief in himself.  Determined to make things right he follows her and protects her while she travels to his fatherís stronghold.

Alexander finds himself brought up on charges of rape by Maryís father.  But, she stops the proceedings and marries him instead.  But, will he ever win her trust back, and more importantly will he win her heart back.  With those still trying to tear them apart can Mary forgive Alexander and have the family she has always craved?

Absolutely fantastic Scottish Highland Romance.  I highly recommend this story to those who like romantic realistic Highlander stories.  Highland Moonlight takes a look at how women were used to further family holdings as well as how love and integrity might just have played a part in many of their lives.  The characters were all believable and likeable as well as realistic.  Teresa Reasor has made a wonder full addition to the Historical Romance category with Highland Moonlight.  I am off to find her next book, and be first in line to get it.


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