Fox and Dragon by Jet Mykles
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-460-2
Multicultural BDSM/ Futuristic
Reviewed by Indy




Not withstanding the fact that she was a bit of a hotdog herself, Lieutenant Beth Holliday doesnít think letting a Krystanni pilot with a reputation that precedes him into the Emirate training program would be an ideal situation. When the decision is taken out of her hands due to antiquated reverse discrimination, Beth aka Fox is astounded and a little peeved to see that Drake Angeís reputation is well earned and deserved. Better than any recruit that has come through her program she canít help but push him every chance she gets.

As they continue to work together Dragon pushes the two in a direction that would be, as his superior, totally unprofessional. Fortunately her lust is abruptly cut short when she finds out that Dragon is a smuggler and steals her ship to prevent capture. Soon begins a game of catch that goes on for years until an ill planned mission finds Fox captured by her nemesis in a fashion that even her kinkiest of dreams couldnít have thought of.

Oh my!!! When I used to cruise the imagery at a couple of years ago I never imagined that my guilty pleasures would one day produce such an exceptional story. Fox and Dragon went from leaping off the screen in visual format to exploding into an exciting tale of two people so much alike that they blended together like opposing sides of a coin. Different yet basically the same inside where it counts. Fox is a woman who could give any male pilot a run for their money and is such a wet dream for Dragon that from first glance he starts to foam. Dragon is a man you canít help but love. Heís a good-hearted pirate with an easy-going smile that lights a woman up where it counts the most. The dance of desire between these two played out like the most euphoric concerto, with just the right peaks and planes. The final submission of Fox for Dragon is volatile and like eating ice cream on a hot sunny day, priceless. Jet Mykles exceeds all expectations and she again brings another one of her fabulous creations to life!


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