Edge of Night by Rae Morgan, Emma Sinclair, Sherrill Quinn
Liquid Silver Books
Paranormal Anthology
ISBN: 1-59578-328-8
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose




Evanescence by Rae Morgan

Former CIA security specialist Kai Axton has been courting bookstore-coffee shop owner Sian York everyday for the last six months.  Sian needs a man who can protect her against the past that threatens her very existence.

Evanescence is a well paced, action packed thriller.  Kai is a take no prisoners hero with some very unique paranormal skills.  Sian is a woman with strong survival instincts.  Together they meet the challenge to keep Sian alive.  Rae Morgan created an exciting story that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Welcome to the Darkness by Emma Sinclair

Gwen is the key to a battle between darkness and light.  Derek is the demon King of darkness, and Kyle is the demon King of light.  One man will be her death and the other her salvation.

Welcome to the Darkness is about power and control of the world.  Gwen has dreamed of both men.  She is attracted to Derek, yet fears Kyle.  Derek desires Gwen for his queen.  Kyle is only concerned about winning.  In Welcome to the Darkness Emma Sinclair weaved a sensual tale that held my interest to the end.


Damnation by Sherrill Quinn

Jack Gerrard is an unlikely protector assigned to Brianna Dempsey.  Someone is trying to kill Brianna before she reveals criminal information about the company she works for.  Jack saves her from the hit man, and in the process, breaks all the rules, including allowing himself to be seen.

Damnation is a sexy, funny and creative combination of paranormal beings, a human female and a cute dog.  I look forward to reading Sherrill Quinn’s next adventure.


Edge of Nightcontains three stories of modern day damsels in distress, each needing a hero to save her.  Each hero arrives in time to use his special skills, save their lady and fall in love.  Edge of Night is a fantastic collection of sexy, hilarious stories presented by three talented authors. 


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