Donít Let Go by Sydney Somers
Spellbound Series, Book 2
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-474-1
Reviewed by Gracie




Bree Lancaster Jacobs just returned from Europe after taking a break from life after losing her best friend and husband, Mark.  She promised Mark that she would take care of his mother, Marion.  Bree finds out that Marion has been swindled out of her nest egg by a shady investor, Mason Dade.  Bree intends to find Marionís money and she will use all her resources to make it happen.

Finn Calder is a private investigator at the family owned investigation agency.  Finn agrees to help out an old friend by taking her sisterís case.  Erica Dade wants Finn to find out who her husband is cheating on her with and she thinks the best place to start is a strip club that he frequents once a week.  Finn reluctantly agrees to take the case, but he really hates cheating spouse cases.

Bree and Finn meet in a coffee shop and share an instant attraction before they both realize they are late Öneither knows they are rushing off to trap the same shady man, Dade.  She is posing as a stripper to try to lure information out of Dade and she is very disappointed to find the sexy man from the coffee shop is actually Dade.  Finn lets her perform her ďactĒ for a bit before he admits that he is not Dade.  She leaves Finn to deal with the angry bouncer and skips out to try to find Dade another day.  Finn finds her after some clever searching and they decide to work together after Bree finds Dadeís dead body.  The relationship between Bree and Finn heats up as their investigation into Dadeís murder continues but they are both keeping important secrets from each other.  Will the fledgling love be enough to overcome the secrets they are hiding?

I absolutely and totally loved Donít Let Go!!  Bree is a strong beautiful woman who is not afraid to be who she really is but is slightly damaged by the losses she has suffered.  Finn is hot, sexy and totally irresistible.  Bree and Finn share an instant and strong attraction.  I could not put Donít Let Go down and I was rooting for Bree and Finn from the start.  I loved both of their families and enjoyed seeing these characters again.  Donít Let Go is an excellent read and Sydney Somers knows how to write.  Donít Let Go keeps the readers begging for more and I definitely hope that is more to come in the great series.


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