Catching a Buzz by Ally Blue
Midsummer Nightís Steam Story
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!(M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-573-X
Reviewed by Sabella




Adam Holderman is as straight-laced as men come.  Adamís in college (to please his parents), he doesnít use the word dude (it sounds stupid) and Adam firmly believes that not telling his parents that heís gay is the best thing all around.  The only thing that really has him stepping outside the box is the fact that he talks to Scarlett (from Gone with the Wind) in his head and she gives a running color commentary on his life.  But thatís not weird because no one knows about it.  However, when Buzz invades Adamís summer job with his Goth look and starts asking him out every day, Adam starts to question the reasons he has given himself for not taking Buzz up on his offer.

Buzz lives his life in the moment.  He is happy, cheerful and fun to be around, and when he sees Adam he decides to ask him out.  All the reasons that Adam uses to label Buzz as unacceptable are the things that make him wildly attractive and Buzz is not giving up on Adam without at least a test drive.

Catching a Buzz is hilarious, charming and erotic.  This story will have you alternating between falling off your chair laughing at Adamís dialogue with Scarlett and fanning yourself when he and Buzz come together.  Buzz and Adam seem like polar opposites but when they finally decide to give it a go they will ignite your screen with their out of control passion and prove how in-sync they really are with each otherís passions and kinks.  However, please note that this book does not have the Ally Blue trademark angst, but itís packed with laugh-out-loud humor and kinkiness. Get yourself over to the nearest computer and buy Catching a Buzz right now because this book is for your keeper shelf. You wonít regret it and you will join my campaign asking for more Adam and Buzz!


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