Behind the Wings by Dana Littlejohn
Lulu Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13 978-1-934329-09-2
Reviewed by Nellie




To Jade Dupree, a man wanted to be with her to climb within the ranks of the Air Force because of her father or just wanted her as arm candy, and she was having none of them. But her plans did not factor in that, her parents were setting her up with Air Force Tech Sergeant Steven Jones, who is easy on the eyes or the millionaire Mike Davis who she met at a party. While with Tech Jones and his entourage she always has loss of memory of the night’s events. While with Mike Davis women throw themselves at him, including their underwear. So whom is it going to be, bachelor number one who has been stamped approved by her parents or bachelor number two the tabloid playboy. Or will danger make her final decision.

I was hooked from the first line in Behind the Wings. I loved the dialogue between Jade and her best friend Kelley and the unexpected twists and turns the book goes as Jade finds her ultimate mate.


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