Anything After Sunday by Samantha Lucas
Liquid Silver
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya




Frannie is back in her hometown, working as a store clerk in a second hand shop and trying to just get through each day.  This is a far cry from the high-powered architect that she had set out to become.  But she is hiding a lot more about a relationship that went bad, than her family knows.  Not only did the relationship go really bad but now she is back feeling like the ugly duckling of the family.   Frannie is supposed to watch her sistersí kids while they are on a cruise, but then the kids get sick and her sister still insists that she needs to come on the cruise with them.  Finally she caves in and goes with the intention of reading a lot of books and staying in her room.  When that doesnít work out and she has a horrible experience her first night she also meets the most amazing man.

West is the consummate playboy.  He figures if he just loves and leaves them then he wonít have to feel anything and wonít get attached.  He is on the cruise with his two best friends after Nick is left Ďat the altarí.  He introduces Frannie to them and they all hit it off.  They get along so well that they donít waste breath telling West he is being stupid by not getting together with Frannie.  In fact they clearly are in Frannieís corner.

West decides to stick to his guns no matter how hard it is to leave Frannie, or what his feelings are.  But, will anyone want to be around him if Frannie is not there?  Then a tragedy strikes and he must make a decision as to what is important.

Wow!  I laughed and I cried before I got to the end of Anything After Sunday.  Once I was sniffling and my vision was blurry I still couldnít stop reading the book but, I did make a run for tissues.  I so wanted to hate West for being ďa sh**Ē but my heart was with him before the end of the book.  I love the humor that was added into the story and how a number of tough subjects were handled.  Samantha Lucas has found a new fan in me and I sincerely hope that Nick and Matt get their own stories.  Anything After Sunday is one of my Recommended Reads for the Spring.


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