A Taste of Temptation by Gayle Eden
Linden Bay Romance
Historical Romance
ISBN: 9-905393-55-5
Reviewed by Tera




Although Abigail is on the verge of being too old to come out to the London ton, she takes the opportunity to be a debutante. Having grown up with her eccentric aunt who never thought about marriage or anything of the like, when her auntís friend makes the suggestion, Abby decides it might be fun to see what life among the ton is like. When she arrives at the house of a friendís nephew, who will sponsor Abby during the season, the notorious rakehell Simon Berrenger is in attendance. Just one glance and Abby decides to make it her goal to catch the man who thinks that for anything other than sex, woman are useless.

Simon is no fool to the games the women of the ton play to snare a man. With his new title, heís considered quite the catch, but thereís no way in hell wedding bells will ring for him. Other than to use them for sex, women were useless to him. Once his desires were sated, there was no need to associate with any woman other than his cousin. But when he meets Abby, he canít help but be interested by the beautiful woman and her blunt, unorthodox ways. But will he let go of the past to save the future he might have?

A Taste of Temptation is most definitely the best book I have read since I donít know when. I sat for three hours reading it in its entirely, refusing to stop reading even to take a potty break I was that enthralled. Any Judith McNaught fans will definitely love this book, as it is very reminiscent of her writing. Each and every character in the book was wonderfully created and I loved the way that the story didnít just focus on Abby and Simon, but had a little background story of Kendyl and Damien as well. The suspense was perfectónot too much to get you annoyed and wanting the author to ďget on with it,Ē but the perfect amount to keep you hooked. The chemistry and passion between Abby and Simon was so tangible, and anytime they were together I could definitely feel the heat! This book is going in my pile to be read over and over and over again.


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