The Merry Executioner Returns by Alyx J. Shaw

A Strange Place in Time, Book 3

Torquere Press

Sci-fi/Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-698-8, 1-60370-698-4

Reviewed by Sabella



The court is finally all in place and they have a plan on how to defeat the evil plaguing the land. They are being besieged from all sides and members are being hurt in minor skirmishes.  When the time comes they must pull together, even at the cost of their lives, to battle the ancient evil of the Gravedigger and his minions.  But surprises abound and those thought as friends turn out to be the most dangerous enemies, as they have been working from within the White Place to hinder or destroy the plans the court have to battle successfully and save the land.

A Strange Place in Time III: The Merry Executioner Returns continues the adventures of Arrowsmith and the court as they plot to defeat the evil beings trying to obliterate the magic and good within the land. In this book John is the one in need of support and calm which comes from unexpected sources.   This installment also allows us to understand all the members of the court that, in the past, have been part of the mystery surrounding John. This chemistry as a group leads to adventures and intrigue unprecedented in the prior books.  All these characters are absolutely riveting in their actions and how they meld together in the face of impossible odds to save all they hold dear.  Alyx J. Shaw weaves a truly compelling tale that will wrap you in its magic, suspense, and intrigue, yet mix in the comical relationships between all the main characters. This story will keep you glued to your seat and turning the pages well into the night. In A Strange Place in Time III: The Merry Executioner Returns Alyx Shaw finally brings this amazing saga to a conclusion, leaving the reader well satisfied with the resolution, but still wishing that the amazing tale could continue.  Just as in the previous books, Alyx Shaw masterfully balances a significant amount of lore and character depth to build a rich world for her characters to inhabit and making this new and perplexing world John finds himself in almost physically real and distinctive.  A Strange Place in Time III: The Merry Executioner Returns is most definitely worth taking the time to read and savor as Ms. Shaw does a marvelous job wrapping up the reader in the unfolding plot and making Johnís experiences so vivid that it becomes easy to forget that it is a book and even easier to believe it could all be real.  As with any spectacular read I hope there will be more of these characters in the future and Iím keeping my fingers crossed that the collection is put together in a print format.  Buy yourself A Strange Place in Time III: The Merry Executioner Returns when you are in the mood for a fantasy read with plenty of romance that will transport you to another world! 


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