Sweet Restraint by Beth Kery

Berkley Heat

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0425227695

Reviewed by Jo



Laura Vasquez just might have found a way out of the sticky web she has been living in for the past several years.  Her husband is dead and was under investigation by the FBI when it happened.  Now Laura just has to find the correct person to give her the evidence she needs to finally set herself free.  The only problem with this plan is that the man she turned her back on long ago is the lead agent in this investigation.   Shane Dominic is now the Chicago Special Agent in Charge, but years ago he was just the man that loved and wanted to marry Laura.  Shane has never understood why she married Vasquez nor why she has put up with the type of married life he understands she has had.

His investigation is stalled and Shane needs answers from Laura that she is not willing to give.   Laura is doing everything she can to avoid answering Shane and ignoring the passion between them that has never gone away.  When Shane believes he has nothing to lose, he decides to use the knowledge about Laura that he once thought to use for pure enjoyment.  Laura is a natural submissive and Shane knows that she was forced to do things because of this.  Laura canít believe when Shane takes her into the middle of nowhere and plans to dominate the truth from her.  After the handcuffs, the erotic passion, danger and fantasies are over; will Shane and Laura be able to discover their future among the mistrust and misunderstandings that they each held?

One widow trying to get out from the shadow of her marriage and one spurned lover turned FBI agent discover what they missed in Sweet Restraint.  Laura is relieved that her husband is gone, but is trying to get the evidence needed to let her escape the web they were in.  Shane has never forgotten his love for Laura nor how she abruptly turned against him and married someone else.  Ms. Kery had me in shivers and it was hard to tell at times whether they were from the eroticism or the suspense that teamed up beautifully.  From the very beginning I could tell that Shane and Laura would be doing more than just smoldering and was not surprised when the flames came forth, but I was delightedly surprised on just how just how it would turn out.  I loved Shane and Laura even when I was shaking my head trying to figure out the why of something only to have it explained further along.  Sweet Restraint is a tumble whirl of emotion, eroticism and suspense that will hook you and not let go.  It is also a must read and Joyfully Recommended by me.


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