Private Dicks by Katie Allen

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 9781419921674

Reviewed by Lisa



Private investigators Isaac ‘Rhodie’ Rhodes and Nate ‘Wash’ Washington make a pretty damn good team, while also managing to make a decent living at what they love.  But, when a poor teenager named Carlos walks in and asks them to find his missing younger brother, Miguel, the guys are thrown for a loop.  There’s no way the kid can afford to pay them yet there’s no way they can turn their backs on the lost boy.

To add to the pain of a missing child, Rhodie has finally admitted to Wash that he is gay.  Wash is really pissed that the man he considers one of his best friends has kept such a secret from him.

The clock is ticking and Miguel has been gone too long already.  While they search Rhodie hopes that his being gay hasn’t ruined things between the partners.  He sure won’t ever admit to lusting after Wash this past year.  Now it’s going to be Wash’s turn to spill his own secret without destroying everything the pair has built together.  Tensions are high but personal issues will have to take a back seat until the boy is found, if he can be found.

Prepare to be enthralled, amused and down right entertained with Private Dicks.  Amidst mayhem, child slavery and carnal encounters are two wonderful ordinary guys with the hearts of heroes.  Private Dicks does have some extremely sensual moments between Rhodie and Wash but that’s only part of the story, the focus is their relationship and their lives.  I think that the title does a disservice in some ways. Yes, there is some very witty dialogue and hot sex but there is so much more.  Private Dicks is a guilty pleasure and a treat to the senses!


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