Physical Therapy by Z.A. Maxfield

St. Nachoís, Book 2

Loose Id

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-933-1

Reviewed by Sabella



Jordan Jensen has not led an exemplary life. He served time in prison for driving drunk and abused his body in ways he never should have. He believes himself beyond redemption.  After coming to terms with his past, Jordan decides to dedicate his future to making up for the sins of his past even though his plan doesnít really allow him to be happy or loved. He journeys to St. Nachoís in search for the peace his best friend has found there and quickly finds himself at a loss when the community readily embraces him. Jordan is then surprised by the bond that he forms with Ken Ashton - a victim of a drunk diving accident. Itís a relationship that has the potential to blossom into love. However, Jordan doesnít think he can allow himself the luxury or pleasure of this connection, especially if he wants to follow the path he has set for himself.

St. Nachoís 2: Physical Therapy is an excellent sequel to St. Nachoís where the reader first meets Jordan as a self-centered, out of control, and almost completely self-destructive man.  However, this time around Z.A. Maxfield manages to redeem an almost unredeemable character by the depth of emotion and genuine grief that Jordan carries with him.  As the story progresses Jordan becomes such a lovable character that you end up rooting for him with the same potency as you once disliked him.  Jordan is, by far, one of the most surprising characters Iíve come across in a long time as his emotional journey is complex and heart wrenching when he travels the road from self-loathing to the possibility of love in his life in the form of Ken Ashton.  Ken, on the other hand, is numb by the experience of his tragic accident, but for some reason, Jordan makes him feel alive and hopeful that his life can be better.  The relationship between Jordan and Ken is rocky, plagued by Jordanís feelings of guilt and Kenís familyís resistance. Against all odds it blooms into a romance to be envied. One where they both find strength in each other and become better men.  This story is also peppered by unique and charming secondary characters that will envelop you completely and not let you go.  As expected Z.A. Maxfield presents a clear emotional picture of Jordan and Ken without getting lost in the sadness of their past, yet she pushes all the right buttons to make you feel part of the story.  Get yourself St. Nachoís 2: Physical Therapy the next time you are looking for a sexy emotional story with great characters, plot, and the miracle of love. You will be glad you did!


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