Out of Control by Julie Miller

HQN Ė Blaze #459


ISBN: 978-0-373-79463-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Alexandra Morgan is a smart and fun woman, but no one in the small town of Dahlia will ever let her forget her past.  No matter that she was tricked into the humiliating act years ago, some things never die in a small town.  But, when she goes on a blind date in Nashville, she finds that her luck hasnít improved.  When she is almost picked up for soliciting she figures it canít get worse.  Except that she meets the sexy Detective Jack Riley and has a blazing ďone truck standĒ with him, and walks away.  What she doesnít count on is that he is in her dreams every night after that.  When he appears at the local racetrack posing as a driver she is stunned.  She is further stunned when he makes her a proposal she finds perfect for what she needs.

Detective Jack Riley canít believe he has run into the only woman to never leave his dreams.  He knows he isnít the settling down kind of man but little miss trouble does make him want to have her with him every night.  But, he will not do anything to jeopardize his latest job. He will find the killer of his partner.

Is there a way for these two to keep each other, solve the crime ring, find Alexís brother killer and keep the cool car at the end?

Alex Morgan in Out of Control is one of the spunkiest women I have read about in a while.  She has taken a bad experience in her past and made a life, in spite of it.  Then there is Jack Riley, yum is what I have to say about him.  From the witty scene in Nashville to the end of the story Out of Control had my attention.   You do not have to be a racing fan to love Out of Control and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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