Love My Way by Bridget Midway


Interracial, BDSM

ISBM: 978-1-60659-078-2

Reviewed by Indy



Eagan Morton has tons of blockbusters under his belt but lately, his personal and professional life seems to be crashing around his head. With the help of his closest friends, he finds a new way to get both back on track, a new reality series to hot for mainstream. A reality show where the BDSM lifestyle is showcased before millions, as Eagan chooses a new submissive to bring into his home.

Ananda Zelder is almost homeless but she still dreams of becoming a dancer even after egomaniac Eagan Morton dashes her hopes for what could be the last of her dwindling chances. When an offer falls into her lap to get back at him by becoming one of the contestants on his new reality show, nothing will stop her from getting a chance for a little revenge while also making every effort to show off her dancing skills to potential recruiters.

Nothing goes as planned as twelve women, one Dom and tons of cameras capture the excitement of the relationship between a Dom and his sub. Only time will tell if the will of one woman and her love is enough to overcome the scars of the past and the disillusionment one man carries like a badge of honor.

We all have our own desires and needs, Love My Way, is a book about one man’s search for a new submissive that will love and serve him as only the right sub can. This basic concept turns out to be anything but, as Bridget Midway weaves her magic pen. Using humor, excitement and what looks to be a pretty vast knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle, with the final result being a true masterpiece. The romance between Ananda and Eagan is less than typical, as they are surrounded by masked women also vying for Eagan’s affection. The two endure challenges, elimination ceremonies and an overwhelming desire neither can ignore. I found myself laughing at some antics, smiling at others and tearing up at the idea of real women going after what they want.

For these reasons—including Bridget Midway’s ability to show when it comes to true love nothing else matters but what feels right between the two parties involved—and many, many more I Joyfully Recommend Love My Way for my June recommended read. It was a pure pleasure to experience and one I’m sure others will find just as enjoyable.


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