Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly

Fitz Clare Chronicles, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0425223390; 0425223396

Reviewed by Sabella



Edmund Fitz Clare has never fully reconciled himself with what he has become as an Upyr and his past failures as a father.  To make up for the past Edmund has adopted several war orphaned children and brought them into his home to raise as his own.  And while the endeavor has been largely successful and rewarding for Edmund, he has encountered a young lady during these years that tempts him beyond reason.  However, as the young woman is a dear friend to his children, now grown, he fears that his attraction is impossible and would taint her.  But Edmund never counted on Estelleís determination to pursue her attraction to him and her ability to see past his glamour.

But when temptation becomes too great Edmund succumbs and his relationship with Estelle becomes explosive.  Still, Edmund knows someone is stalking his family and that they are all in danger Ė but what can he do when he doesnít know where the threat comes from?

Kissing Midnight is an epic that in true Emma Holly fashion will wrap you in the sensuality and mystery from the first page.  Edmund is a fascinating man, full of contradictions and vulnerability that serve to make him much more than a mere fascination as a fantastic Upyr, but his true attraction lays in his internal battle to remain distant from Estelle.  Estelle is a surprising woman that challenges expectations and Edmundís perceptions of her at every turn.  As we have come to expect from Emma Holly, Kissing Midnight is full of sensual moments between several couples that only heighten the suspense and romance and will leave every fan breathlessly awaiting the next installment of this magnificent saga! Be warned though, this book ends in a huge cliffhanger that will leave you desperately eager to pick up the next book in this series!  The set up and detailed development of the Upyr world and the Fitz Clare family is magnificent and it only serves to whet the readerís appetite for more and find out how all the different plot lines will come together and resolve themselves into a happy ending for Estelle and Edmund, but also all the other characters that peak into the story to spice it up.  Pick up Kissing Midnight for a powerfully emotional read that is action packed and steamingly hot!


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