Inland Empire by James Buchanan

Taking the Odds, Book 2

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60370-732-9

Reviewed by Nannette



Vice cop Brandon Carr has just been assigned to the task force trying to track down the Asian gang responsible for shooting a Vietnamese teenager. Brandon is stoked to be on the task force. He loves being a cop. Brandonís boyfriend, Nevada Gaming Control Agent Nicholas OíMalley, just arrived for a visit, and because of his Goth look and the fact that heís computer savvy, has gotten involved in the case. Brandon likes the idea of Nicky being around longer than planned, but Nickyís involvement on the case threatens Brandonís HET status when the guys start making remarks about Nicky being gay. Brandon is also worried about Nicky getting hurt. Heís been down that road before and never wants to go back. Nicky is out and proud, but Brandon is so far in the closet, he smells like mothballs, as Nicky puts it.  Brandon and Nicky were made for each other, but will Brandonís fears tear them apart? 

Inland Empire is the best of the best. That is, if you like alluring guys who enjoy bondage and deal with the scum of the earth on daily basis. Brandon and Nicky can make anything sexy. They put the Ďhotí in hot sex. James Buchanan pens a sex scene in Inland Empire where the dialog and action is something right out of a porn movie, but it comes off as really hot instead of cheesy. Itís incredible. It fits Brandon and Nicky perfectly. Inland Empireís storyline is a mix of angsty romance, kinky sex, and action-packed police investigations. The dirty underbelly of crime slithers around them as Brandonís fear of coming out increases while he and Nicky try to work through the obstacles in their way. Inland Empire rocked my world and the ending blew my mind. In the history of great endings, Inland Empire has the best.


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