Blessed Be by Renae Johnson

Loose Id

Contemporary with Paranormal Elements

ISBN: 978-1-59632-844-0

Reviewed by Shayna



Eight years ago, Leah Montgomery’s heart broke when she and Jack Michaelson ended their relationship and he left town for graduate school.  After he left, Leah discovered she was pregnant and matters only worsened when she miscarried right before Christmas.  Though she’s pulled her life back together, Leah’s never truly felt whole since Jack left.  All that changes when Jack returns to town to be the best man in Leah’s sister’s wedding.  He looks more tempting than ever and Leah can’t help but be attracted to the man she loved, but the last thing she wants is to have her heart broken again.

Jack has returned with one thing on his mind: the desire to reunite with Leah, the only woman he’s ever loved.  When he sees Leah, she's softer, curvier, and more vulnerable than he remembered, and Jack can’t help but be drawn to her.  Aware there’s something she’s not telling him, Jack is determined to uncover her secrets and to have Leah’s forgiveness for him leaving eight years before.

Passion quickly ignites when Jack and Leah become lovers once again, but past pain also swiftly rises to the surface.  For the lovers to find happiness, each must decide to heal the wounds of their past and open themselves up to a love that never did fade.

For me, there is nothing better than a wonderfully written reunion romance and Blessed Be is just that.  Renae Johnson has delivered a sensual, heartbreaking, joyous love story with characters that will grab your heart and not let go.  What I adored about Leah is how easy she is to connect with.  Though fictional, she feels real with her curvy figure, insecurities, intelligence, kindness, strength, and vulnerabilities.  She’s easy to love which is partially why Blessed Be is such a compelling read.  I desperately wanted Leah to find happiness with Jack, and as such, I could not stop reading the book.  Jack, in turn, is everything that a hero should be.  He’s smart, handsome, tender, and so very much in love with Leah that it made my heart ache over their separation.

Make no mistake, however, that Jack and Leah don’t make up for lost time.  As much as Jack and Leah’s love story warmed my heart, I wouldn’t want to discount the fact that the pair most certainly burned up the sheets (among other places) as well.  Like everything else in Blessed Be, the love scenes Ms. Johnson pens are something to savor.

Blessed Be captivated me from the very first page to the very last with its memorable characters, engaging plot, and beautiful romance.  Joyfully Recommended!


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