Trial by Fire by Jo Davis

Firefighters of Station Five, Book 1

NAL Signet

Erotic Romantic Suspense/Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-451-22477-4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Howard “Six-Pack” Paxton is a confirmed bachelor.  What sane woman would want a man with his issues and his hang-ups? Least of all, what woman would be content in dealing with his inability to sleep for more than five hours at a time without waking up screaming in terror?  Circumstances beyond his control happened in Howard’s formative years and they have shaped the way he is today and while he has adopted parents who adore him, he still can’t piece together the nightmare that he has almost daily.  When the call comes in about a house fire on his shift, Howard forgets about everything but his job. That is something that he does very well. Coming face to face with the blonde beauty who called in the fire throws Howard for a loop and he knows without a doubt that he has to see her again. 

Katherine McKenna has given up on trying to be the perfect size eight.  Striving to be what she isn’t is no longer important to Kat, she is content with her curves – until she comes face to face with the fire fighter whose arms she passed out in when he first came on the scene of the fire that she called in.  Waking up and looking into the eyes of this magnificent man, Kat knows that she might not be wise but she can’t help but wish for something more and so she teases this huge man and seeing his eyes blaze with passion for her makes her yearn for him all the more.

Kat and Howard can’t deny their attraction to each other and while they both think their relationship is too good to be true, the passion between them is hot enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.  One thing dampens the love they are beginning to feel for each other – it seems an arsonist is on the loose in their small town and that vile fire setter has targeted Howard in his evil schemes. 

I had the privilege of meeting Jo Davis last year at a book signing in Texas.  When she told me of a new series she was writing concerning fire fighters I kept that thought in my mind and knew without a doubt I had to read and review her first release, Trial by Fire.  Talk about combustible.  Howard Paxton was a man after my own heart.  He was loyal to his friends and loving towards his family.  He was good looking and while he knew it, he didn’t use it to his advantage.  He was tired of one-night stands and was looking for more in a relationship.  Those reasons alone endeared him to me but it was his treatment and subsequent love for Kat that made me fall head over heels in love with him.  Kat was used to coming up short in the man department.  Howard proved to her just how wrong she was.  He loved her curves, he loved her personality, and deep down he loved Kat exactly the way she was and to him, she was perfect. 

Jo Davis set the trap, baited the hook, and completely reeled me in with Trial by Fire.  Heady sexual tension, heart-warming romance, and combustible love scenes just added fuel to the fire and I am now a huge fan of Jo Davis’ writing.  Trial by Fire is definitely a book worth reading more than once and I have no choice but to Joyfully Recommend Trial by Fire, it was simply outstanding!


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