Smart Alex by AKM Miles

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-263-8; 1-60370-263-6

Reviewed by Sabella




Smart has been desperate to leave home for a while now, so leaving his small town to go to college in the big city is a dream come true.  Smartís life hasnít been bad at all, but he has known he was different from the other guys in his small town and keeping it to himself has been hard Ė in more ways than one.  So, Smart is now heading off to college and hoping to experience some semblance of life as a gay man.  However, as soon as he arrives at his new dorm, Smart comes face to face with two guys in a clinch Ė and it leaves him flabbergasted, as well as embarrassed.  But, Mike and Tommy turn out to be good-natured about Smartís interruption as well as extremely willing guides to the ins and outs of gay life.

Still, becoming best friends with Mike and Tommy, a couple so obviously in love, canít help but make Smart yearn for the same thing for himself.  However, when tragedy strikes one of them Mike, Tommy and Smart have to stick together closer than ever to be able to survive the experience.  But, no cloud is without a silver lining since this tragedy brings Alex into Smartís life and turns Smart on his head Ė all in the best way possible.

Smart Alex is an awesome story, so full of emotion and romance that it will have you reaching for your sweetie and sighing in satisfaction.  Smart is charming and vulnerable and so curious about everything that it makes for a loveable character from the very first introduction.  After all, who canít relate to that time when you discover that what you want is out there and it can make you feel so good?  Mike and Tommy are a sappy version of the love everyone hopes to find, but oh, they will make you hot and wistful all at once. But the real romance begins when Smart meets Alex, who is the perfect man for Smart in all the ways that matter.  These two will bring back the euphoria and elation of the first blush of love and leave you jealous and smiling all at the same time!  However, I must warn you that this book has its share of sappy moments that are too sweet to be real, but that is just the topping to all the heat and passion between the couples.  Mike and Tommy along with Smart and Alex will make you fall in love with them and have you laughing as Smart discovers the world of sex and love.  After reading Smart Alex you can bet that I will be going in search of other titles by AKM Miles because this has made me a fan!  Smart Alex is the perfect read for a day when sweet and sexy are what you are looking for.  I Joyfully Recommend Smart Alex Ė itís a story that will satisfy your cravings for romance and happy endings Ė get it today, you wonít regret it!


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