Seducing the Siren by M.A.Ellis

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary, Fantasy

ISBN: 9781419915659

Reviewed by Raine




Alissa Nye comes from a long line of Mermen who can live on land or in the water. Alissa’s aunt, after many decades, has chosen to return permanently to her original Siren form. To make this transformation a piece of heritage must be present for the ceremony.

As Allisa is the eldest, she volunteers to go meet with the Guardian, Ryen Keith, and retrieve the family heirloom. In doing so she expects to feel a pull to him. As it happens it is the Guardian’s cousin, Devlin, who she is drawn to. But he is unusual in that it seems he is able parry the lure of her call.

You cannot help but fall in love with Devlin. His cockiness is somehow endearing. Alissa is this tough as nails woman who wants to find love. But does believe she wants someone who will care for her the person, as opposed to her allure as a Siren. Seducing the Siren has humor, suspense and love. Any romantic at heart will love this book, I surely did. It is with great pleasure I Joyfully Recommend M.A. Ellis’ Seducing the Siren.


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