Pet Rescue by Syd McGinley

Torquere Chaser Lost and Found. Book 1

Torquere Press

Contemporary BDSM m/m

ISBN: 978-1-60370-359-8

Reviewed by Beth Anne




In the first book of this new series, we find the Master and Dom from Pet Sitting, Dr. John Fell teaching a remedial composition class to pull in a paycheck and fixing up his cabin.  Dr. Fell knows he hasnít fulfilled his own promises to himself:  getting back to truly living after completing his PhD and the loss of his very own boy and love, Rob.  Dr. Fellís close friend, Ben, and Benís boy Charlie (Twink) are both worried about Dr. Fell and both encourage him out of his cabin into socializing with other Domís and meeting people.

 Until one evening, Dr. Fell discovers Jamie.  A bruised, battered, and traumatized young man hiding from his master.  In helping Jamie, Dr. Fell is made to confront his memories of Rob, and Pet Rescue becomes an emotional and poignant story.  Twink is still a favorite character of mine (he just smiles when he knows Dr. Fell is making a list of his transgressions, that boy just loves trouble!), but Iím looking forward to the continuing saga of Dr. Fellís struggle to come to terms with the loss of Rob, and opening himself up to loving another.  Though we have bittersweet moments, we again are presented with hope that Dr. Fell will be even stronger and ready to take on a boy.  Pet Rescue may not have the ending I wanted, (you canít always rush love) but Dr. Fell needs to heal on his on time, and in the process benefiting others.  I am very much looking forward to the continuing developments in Dr. Fellís adventures and for me Pet Rescue is a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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