Never Never Land by Treva Harte

Loose Id

Contemporary Romance (M/M; M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-702-3

Reviewed by Sabella




Chris, Adam, Jake and Jenni have been friends for a long time, which makes for some traditions that shape their social lives.  For example, they unfailingly meet every Friday night to have dinner and catch up – not so bad right?  Well, it can be if all four friends are slightly dysfunctional…

Chris and Adam have had a tempestuous on again, off again relationship that makes for some interesting insult trading at the dinner table, which is all in good fun, or so it seems.  Adam, with his eternal cheer, covers his brokenheartedness at his latest unexplained break-up with Chris,  which Chris, being his stoic and inflexible self refuses to discuss or explain.

Jake, the mostly silent jock, lets his friends talk around him and bring a little warmth into his life, while picking up lovers that are always wrong for him as his friends joke that his gay-dar is broken.

Jenni just loves her “guys” as they are not a threat since they have zero interest in getting her into bed.  Being her safe zone lets her ignore the fact that she sabotages her relationships because men that want to have sex with her scare Jenni.

But the guys have a solution for the problem – at least Jenni’s problem – they will send Jake, of the broken gay-dar to pick up the perfect guy for Jenni.  The plan is perfect, right?  Except that Jake likes the guy he picked up for Jenni, Jenni thinks the guy is great for Jake and Chris and Adam are hitting an unknown level in their warfare that has Jenni threatening a “talk.”  And to top it all off, Jenni keeps making a fool of herself in front of a hunky cop while some secret admirer keeps emailing her…

Never Never Land is an awesome story for its remarkable interweaving of several love story lines, ala Suzanne Brockmann, all full of flawed human characters that won’t fail to pull you into their struggle to find their way!  Treva Harte displays a brilliant ability to juggle the very different characters, with their needs, wants and more importantly dreams and pulls them all together to shape a compelling story that will have you talking to the characters in your head while they find their way. Chris and Adam are an on again, off again couple that in tragedy pull together so tightly that they are stronger for it.  Jake is the most vulnerable of the men and the one with the most obvious dilemma – does he let his hormones guide him or his head?  In the end, Jake’s choice is surprising, yet satisfying on all levels.  Jenni, on the other hand, flounders until she finds a partner that can gently guide her past her fears, yet he is not a perfect man, at all.  In the end, all these wonderful characters come together to celebrate their HEA or HFN leaving romantic hearts well satisfied – and hoping we get to read about this group again.  Chris, Adam, Jake and Jenni are unforgettable characters that jump off the page keeping you turning the pages without a break!  Never Never Land is the perfect read for a day you are looking for a story that will satisfy your cravings for romance, hotness, emotion and happy endings – get it as soon as you can!



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