Icefire by Lynne Connolly

Pure Wildfire, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916410

Reviewed by Jo




Angelina (Gina) Russo works in her father’s PR firm, Russos, and is one of the best at her job.  However, she is shocked and angry when she is asked to do the PR for their newest account – the British rock band Pure Wildfire.  The reason Gina is so angry isn’t because it’s a band, their firm represents several bands, but due to the fact that the lead vocalist killed her stepsister as far as she's concerned.  Maria died from a drug overdose while living in London and she was living with Ryan at the time.  Gina has always believed there was something fishy about Maria’s death.

 Ryan Hawthorne, a firebird, has tried for years to forget about what happened to Maria and to go on with his life – to no avail.  He is shocked when he discovers that the girl he pulled up on stage is their new PR person and also Maria’s stepsister.  Ryan is not sure if he can work that closely to Gina, even though he was immediately attracted to her.  Besides, Ryan has some personal things to figure out, like was Maria’s death an accident OD or were the drugs tainted.

 Gina totally expects to not get the job with the band and is surprised when Ryan says it's fine with him.  She is even more surprised to discover that the attraction and sparks she feels are just as strong with Ryan.  When hunting for the reason behind Maria’s death leads both Ryan and Gina into life-threatening danger, emergency actions lead to life-changing decisions.  As the mini-tour goes on, so does the danger.  The fledgling trust and the overwhelming love between Ryan and Gina is put to the test when the ultimate betrayal hits the entire band.

 Pure Wildfire is back, stronger than ever, with Icefire.  The rock is just as hard and the passion just as high when Ryan and Gina get together.  It was no easy feat for Gina and Ryan to agree to work together with Maria’s death between them.  I was easily drawn into their story and passion, which was immediate – even when they didn’t necessarily want it to be.  Gina has always blamed Ryan for Maria’s overdose.  Ryan has always blamed himself that he wasn’t strong enough to get Maria and himself to help in time.   I fell for the band members in the first book of the series and I fell even harder with Ryan and Gina’s story.  The passion, danger, and suspense were equally distributed in such a way as to keep me flipping the pages as fast as I could and were responsible for my light staying on way too long on a work night.  I did figure out the 'who' before the end, but I was not even close on the 'why', which added even more to the story for me.  I highly recommend that you get rocked with Pure Wildfire.  I also have given Icefire my highest recommendation so it is a Joyfully Recommended Read.

 If you read Sunfire, then you will be happy to know that Aidan and Corinne have continued with their own surprise.  I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the band members to have their stories. 


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