Ianís Ultimate Gamble by Brenda Jackson
Westmoreland Series, Book 9
Silhouette Desire
African American Suspense
ISBN: 978-0373767458
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Four years ago Ian Westmoreland, the love of her life, walked out on her because he felt betrayed and nothing could convince him otherwise.  Now, Brooke Chamberlainís job, with the FBI, was forcing her to re-enter Ianís realm as an undercover agent investigating the casino resortís activities.  And, to make things even more complicated, Brooke is still in love with Ian.  Will Brooke be able to maintain a cool, professional persona while in Ianís presence all the while trying to prove that Ian wasnít a corrupt casino owner as the hotelís prior possessor or will she break under pressure?

Every since he ended things with Brooke Chamberlain four years ago, Ian Westmoreland told himself that he was over her; yet, the moment she checked into his hotel claiming that she was on a vacation, Ian knew that his belief was a lie.  Because of the circumstances that surrounded their break-up four years ago, Ian didnít trust Brooke and he just knew that there was more to the story behind Brookeís reappearance in his life.  Ian was determined to uncover all of Brookeís secrets and he was willing to do whatever necessary to make that happen - even if that meant seducing her into his bed.

Ianís Ultimate Gamble was one super hot read filled with thrilling suspense and a scorching love affair that I could not stop reading until the ending made itís appearance.  Ian was all male and sexy as hell.  I loved everything about him especially when he admitted to his wrongness and tried everything within his power to make things right.  What a mighty good man!  Brooke was a magnificent heroine.  She was a tough character whenever needed, she paid attention to small details and most of all she was very womanly.  It was easy to see the love that burned deeply between Ian and Brooke.  They made a picture perfect couple, although in the beginning Ian was too stubborn to acknowledge it because he felt betrayed by the woman who held the key to his heart.  But, when it all boiled down to it, Ian wasnít about to allow Brooke to slip through his fingers a second time.  Like I said earlier, what a mighty good man!  All in all, I thought Ianís Ultimate Gamble to be an outstanding read and I am pleased to bestow it as a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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