Hot Shot by M. J. Fredrick
Samhain Publishing
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 1-59998-954-9
Reviewed by Tanya




Peyton is on a mission.  She wants to determine why modern day heroes do what they do. What does it give them?  In doing so, she hopes to know more about her late husband, and along the way write some fantastic articles.  The only way she can think of to look at what forest fire “Hot Shots” do is to get certified and go into “battle” along side of them.  She particularly wants to interview Gabe Cooper, as he is famous in the wildfire fighting brotherhood.  What she didn’t expect to happen was that she would be drawn to Gabe personally and she definitely didn’t expect to be accepted by those working around her.  But, suddenly she is outside her comfort zone, she is begging to go into a fire area, and she is even ready to proposition Gabe.  But, can she open her heart to another alpha hero male? 

Gabe is still smarting three years after his wife left him to marry his best friend. The fact that he sees them both on this same fire, she as incident commander (IC), and he as a smoke jumper, is not helping the fact that his ex seems to have it in for him.  The IC has assigned a rookie to his squad, and not just an ordinary rookie but a reporter.  First off, he doesn’t take rookies, and secondly, he loathes reporters.  Add to the fact that after about half a shift with her she is intriguing him in ways that he hasn’t felt in years.

 But, before the two are able to pursue many of their feelings, it appears that there are trapped campers.  Suddenly life and death take on a new meaning to both Peyton and Gabe, who are determined to get out alive with their charges in tact.  When it is determined that this raging fire might have been set, and by someone they know, they decide to team up with their skills and figure out “who did it”.  Can they determine who the mastermind is before it is too late, and can they each fight off their own demons so that their love can shine?

MJ Frederick is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and Hot Shot is one of the reasons why.  She takes you into the lives of those daredevil men and women who fight forest fires, and not just the glamorized smoke jumpers, but the ground crews.  Ms. Frederick has written the scenes in such a way I am drawn into the story and can imagine the crackling and heat of the fire, and not just between the main characters.  There are also a lot of twists and turns in the plot, which will keep you on your toes.  I am pleased to be able to Joyfully Recommend Hot Shot as a July Recommended Read, especially with the summer fire season underway.


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