Home to Stay by Jane Leopold Quinn
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Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspens
ISBN: 978-1-59632-555-5
Reviewed by Ley




Leaving Chicago to escape, if for only a little while, a past that consisted of a cheating ex-husband and poor judgment, Nickie Grace moved to Parkersburg.  She threw herself into rehabbing an old house belonging to her aunt, but no sooner does she arrive, she finds herself victimized by vandals and prowlers, something she never expected in the small town of Parkersburg.  Meeting Deputy Hank Crossman, when he answered her distress call to the police, and her reaction to him is something else she also never expected.

 Commitment, love and family are things Deputy Hank Crossman has very little knowledge of, and they are things he feels he’s incapable of ever processing.  He knows about wanting and lusting, and he definitely wanted and lusted for Nickie but anything beyond that he feels is out of reach for them.  As he gets closer to Nickie, Hank wrestled with his feelings and the scars from his childhood as he tries to make sense of the emotions Nickie brings out of him. Those emotions increased as it became evident Nickie’s life may be in danger. (tenses flip back and forth).

 Home To Stay is a fantastic romance and a great mystery.  Hank and Nickie are the main characters of the story but the supporting characters have just as much depth and are equally interesting, making this book such a great read.  Nickie is a strong and independent woman who’s been badly burned by her ex-husband, and although she hates to admit it, he stole her self-confidence.   Hank is your typically scarred hero who shuns love and looks for physical gratification only.  He’s a bit arrogant and 100% man.   He’s the type of overbearing man I normally don’t like in contemporary novels, but Jane Leopold Quinn did an excellent job in allowing her readers to see Hank’s vulnerability without it being seen as weakness, that even with his cocky manner I still loved him.  Home To Stay is an intriguing mystery romance story that’s sweet, humorous, and sizzling hot, I Joyfully Recommend Home To Stay.


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