Handyman by Jodi Lynn Copeland



ISBN: 978-0-7582-2212-1

Reviewed by Willow




The men of Loose Screws don’t know what is about to hit them.

 “Coming in First”

Lissa Malone has decided that it’s time to give up bad boys. She is tired of always coming second to everything, and everyone else. She wants to be the center of attention for the man in her life. When she sees Thad Davies outside Almost Family Youth Services she instantly pegs him as a nice guy and just what she needs in her life.  With the help of her friend and housemate, Sam, Lissa gets ready to bring Mr. Nice Guy into her life and her bed.

Thad and his partners run Loose Screws, a construction business and business is slow. So they have a not-so-public sideline.  When he gets a call about a leaky roof, Thad’s not quite sure which part of the business it’s for, but he and his partners need the money so he agrees to inspect the roof. After a pleasure romp, he realizes that Lissa knows nothing of the company’s sideline business. She really has a leaky roof.

Thad wants to get to know Lissa better, but when he unintentionally scares her, he takes himself off the job. But things just seem to work to keep him there.  With his partner Nash’s thumbs up, Lissa stages an all out war to keep Thad in her life. But does she still want him there when she learns his secrets?

 “Coming in First” is damned hilarious.  Thad and Lissa’s brand new relationship turns into a comedy of errors. I laughed so hard I had to stop reading because I couldn’t read straight. Ms Copeland’s first look at the men of Loose Screws was great.

 “Not a Second Too Late”                                                                              

Genevieve Louton has the “perfect” life and she wants out—badly. This is supposed to be her bachelorette party and it’s turned into an afternoon tea party, thanks to her mother and her sister. This is so not the party she wanted with her friends. Where is the wine? Where are the strippers? Where is the fun? With the help of her best friend, Tia, Gen makes her escape. She’ll go find her own party. 

Nash is hanging with Thad, one of his partners in Loose Screws, when he spots the hot brunette at the bar. He just knows he’s gonna get lucky tonight. She’s just his type—cheap and easy. When he approaches her, she doesn’t look as cheap as he’d thought. And all she wants is to watch him dance—naked. But when she gets back home, Gen is found out and given a two-week break from Tom, her fiancé.

 Nash gets a call the next day from “Jenn” wanting him to be her boyfriend for two weeks. She’ll pay him $10,000.  When she shows up at his apartment with a suitcase, Nash wonders what he got himself into. The whole time Jenn is trying to NOT have sex, Nash is trying TO have sex. Jenn isn’t like his other pleasure clients and he’d give the money back if Benny didn’t need it so much. Nash wants to keep Jenn a part of his life. But, is he in time to stop her from going through her wedding as planned?

Nash is my favorite of the Loose Screws men. Not only does he care about his partners, he is a real gentleman. Plus he’s extra hot! You’ll need a fan by the time you make it this far. “Not a Second Too Late” has the kind of ending I like where appearances are not what they seem. Nash is definitely not what he appears to be.

 “Third Time’s a Charm”

Holly Daringer is not so sure that her cousin Tia’s suggestion is such a good one.  How can having sex with a stranger help her work through her insecurities and get her back to work as a mental health therapist? And just what kind of man has a name like Benny and lives in a yellow house? Well…that’s easy…big, blond and built, and at the moment, wet…the kind of man who makes her toes curl.

 Benny is the last man standing as far as the woman pleasuring side of Loose Screws. And for the first time since his foster mother passed away he feels ALIVE. How will he make it through the next week when he loses control with this woman? How will he convince his partners who have been worried about his state of mind that he is “Just fine”? There is something about Holly that makes him want her in his head. He can’t hide his emotions for long with her around.


“Third Time’s a Charm” shows how far friends will go to help people they care about. Benny and Holly are pushed together and end up helping each other. This is the sweetest of the three stories and the perfect way to end Handyman.


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