Fortune's Return by Jamie Craig
Liquid Silver Books
M/M Romance
Reviewed by Ley




After losing his teaching job to budget cuts, and being dismissed by his boyfriend, Ryan Putnam returns home to his family ranch to lick his wounds.  Intending to spend quality time with his brother and his family, Ryan never expected to find a best friend in the ranchís new ranch hand Teo Mendez.   

Recently widowed Teo also came to the ranch to regroup and make a stable home for his son Tony.  Teo doesnít need or want complications in his life, but his feelings for Ryan moves past friendship and neither man has the strength to deny those feelings.

Fortuneís Return is absolutely fantastic!  I loved visiting the Good Fortune Ranch again.  I liked Ryan so much better in this story.  Although his appearance in the prequel Fortuneís Honor was short, he came across as a bit judgmental to me, in Fortuneís Return I saw his attitude as more of a thoughtful and truthful person who acts on his feelings.  Ryan is definitely the perfect person for Teo.  I adored the both of them or I should say the three of them because Tony, Teoís seven-year-old son, stole my heart as well.  What I liked the most about this story is that it wasnít rushed.  Teo and Ryan took time to get to get to know each other and their relationship wasnít built on a foundation of sex. It was also wonderful visiting with Clay again.  He is so at peace and at home in his own skin since finding Paige and building their family.  I canít wait for the next  is undoubtedly going to be about younger brother Ty.  Iím hoping Ty realizes that he hasnít found the right woman to tame his cowboy heart simply because his love may not be a woman (hint hint).  Fortuneís Return is a terrific well-written story and I Joyfully Recommend it.


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