Fairy Dust by Tielle St. Clare

Ellora’s Cave

ISBN: 9781419915215

Paranormal Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Elysia




Marlena is a fairy godmother in charge of helping the tales in Fairy Tale Land go the way they are supposed to, but she is a bit bored with the “Happily Ever After Kiss” and decides to tweak her fairy dust to see what happens after the kiss. And boy howdy, does she!

Fairy Dust by Tielle St. Clare was just way too much fun. I love fairy tales as much as the next person, but Ms. St. Clare has given me a new love for the genre. Who could have ever pictured the troll from Rumpelstiltskin as that hot, or a Handsome Prince that will “punish” you in all the ways you dream of? We won’t even talk about what happens to not-so-Little Red Riding Hood when her wolf and huntsman are much more than we think at first glance.  

This story was just plain hot, fun, and wonderful. I will be keeping this on my keeper shelf, and definitely rereading it for those moments that I need a little “lift”. Happy, sexy, erotic, and mischievous…Gods, I wish I was Marlena after reading this! Thank you, Ms. St. Clare! Reader, if you are into hot sex, wild fantasies, and men that will see you have your Happily Ever After, then I Joyfully Recommend this story to you.


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