Eyes of Fire by CJ England
The Mylari Chronicles, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-932-8
Reviewed by Patrice F.




Natalia, a.ka. Talia, has never fit in.   She has always known that she was different.  When she is kidnapped by monsters, Talia finally finds her place and the special guy she’s been waiting for.  Imagine her surprise when she learns that she has just been rescued by Prince Calion Saralonde of the Calen’taur Elves.

Calion is gorgeous, tough-as-nails and a powerful magic-user.  He is also hot-tempered, arrogant and prejudiced against humans.  The Elves have a long-standing hatred for humans.  This does not stop the pair from growing closer.   When Calion takes Talia to his kingdom, they face adversity, hardship and strife.

Old prejudices against humans are still prevalent amongst the Elves.  To become intimate with a human is sardai, or taboo, and to take one as a mate is heresy.  Will Talia overcome these obstacles to claim Calion as her own?   Can Calion overcome his need to maintain the status quo as Heir Apparent?  Or will an ancient Elven prophecy force the Calen’taur Elves to change their attitudes towards humans when the threat of war and devastation closes in?

Sometimes, I’ll read a story where the writing is so intense I am moved to tears.  There were scenes in Eyes of Fire that were truly touching.  Talia is a loyal, loving woman and the only ‘flaw’—if it could be considered as such—was that she was so forgiving of Calion that I wanted to scream, “You’re too nice to him!”  But this story reminds us that love is unconditional.  No one is perfect and when you love someone you accept all of their traits, both good and bad.   Talia carries the scars of rejection from her family.  She is brave, and somehow she is not bitter.   No matter what challenges she faces, Talia gives 100%.  Ms. England has created a noble, determined woman for an immortal male who carries a strict code of honor—even though he acts the stubborn fool.  Although the Elves despise humans, Calion makes the decision to rescue Talia.  This means that deep within his heart, he knows what is right despite his upbringing. 

Ms. England takes on racial prejudice in this story and does a fine job.  The question is:  Can Love overcome Hatred?  That is one of the many challenges faced by Talia and Calion.  Calion must overcome teachings that humans are inferior to Elves, and come to embrace his love for Talia.  He refuses to ‘lower’ himself to the probability that she just might be The One, the partner of a union that is legend to the Elves.   

The issue is that Talia is human and by the end of the story, she proves that if anyone is unworthy, it is the Elves for harboring such enmity and refusing to change.   I highly recommend reading Eyes of Fire because Ms. England demonstrates through her writing that Love can bring out the best in us, it can overcome the worst in us, and yes, it can even crush the seeds of hatred.   After all, there’s something irresistible and heartwarming about that old saying, “Love conquers all.”


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