Dark Chance by Melissa Lopez
Netherworld, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 1-59998-603-5
Reviewed by Nannette




Olivia Sutcliff is a condemned soul dwelling in the Netherworld.  Netherworld is where evil lives and plays. The lost souls there exist to serve the Dark Prince and the legion lords. Olivia has been chosen by the Dark Prince to damn Malin Crossí soul.  Malin is an FBI agent. Heís hunting a sadistic serial killer named Thayer. Malin wants Thayer dead. Olivia is to seduce him and use his deepest fantasies to lure him. She is supposed to encourage Malinís vengeance so that heíll be sent to the Netherworld. Olivia is desperate to save Malin from that horrible fate, but how can she when she is just a pawn in Satanís games?  

Dark Chance is dark, scary, and unbelievably good. I love the twisted machinations of the Dark Prince and his demons. Their cruelty and the tortures they inflict are fascinating.  Dark Chance is much more than a gruesome tale though. The relationship between Malin and Olivia is both incredibly erotic and very loving. Oliviaís innocence is seductive and endearing. Malinís secret desire to dominate Olivia and his reactions to her submissiveness are very sexy. He is absolutely irresistible. Malin and Olivia were made for each other.  Dark Chance combines eroticism and plot perfectly. I loved it!   


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