Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

Ellora’s Cave

Ménage a trois or More / Light Bondage / Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419916885

Reviewed by Jo




R. A. Thorn and Detective Cameron Martinez are both looking for the same thing, or in this case, person, and are staking out a cabin in hopes of finding him.  The trial starts in just a few days and if the lead witness doesn’t appear, they both have a lot to lose.  What they have found, though, is a sexy and gorgeous woman who gives them quite a show instead.  Both R. A. and Cameron assume they know what she is, but you know that saying about assuming…

 Brenna Sheridan has left her Texas home and come in search of the answers that will help her with a problem she has had her entire adult life.  She is not expecting the answer to come in the form of a hunky bounty hunter and a police detective who takes her breath away.  Brenna is not sure if she can or will be able to tell them the information they seek, though. The night of Brenna’s orgasm takes all three of them into an experience that they cannot and do not want to walk away from.  What started as a deal for information and sex rapidly turned into so much more.  R. A., Cameron, and Brenna want to work out the rest of their lives, but there is that trial around the corner that brought them all together and someone does not want the witness to show.

 Dangerous Boys and Their Toy was much more than just erotic; it was also sensual and intriguing all at once.  R. A. is a tough bounty hunter who can turn into a marshmallow for the right reason. Cameron is a defender of justice, but he is very open-minded in his personal life. Brenna is a woman who just can’t grab that brass ring for reasons of her upbringing.  All three are sexy in their own right and when they were all added together, it was almost erotic overload.  However, what drew me into and kept me reading Dangerous Boys and Their Toy was the deep emotional healing and bonding that happened between R. A., Cameron, and Brenna.  I will suggest a tall glass of cold water or maybe a fan to be kept available while reading, but I know readers will not want to miss Ms. Black’s adventure on the wild side.  There is so much more I could tell you, but I want you to experience R. A., Cameron, and Brenna’s adventure yourself.  So all I’ll add is that Dangerous Boys and Their Toy is a Joyfully Recommended Read that I’ll be keeping on my reader permanently.


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