Bouncerís Folly by Gracie McKeever

Zara's Bois, Book 3

Siren Publishing

M/M, Paranormal

ISBN: 1-60601-089-1

Reviewed by Raine




Zaraís spirit is being sent back to earth and this time into party boi Trevor Carmichaelís body after he overdoses at her brotherís nightclub. The super hot bouncer, Ramsey Logan, has always had a soft spot for the little troublemaker and takes it upon himself to sponsor Trevor while he gets clean. Zaraís angels have left her alone on this mission with only the directionÖ follow her heart. This has gotten her into trouble before, so Zara treads carefully as she pieces Trevorís past and present life together, all while having the hot bouncer shadow her every move.

 If you havenít read Gracie McKeeverís Zaraís Bois series, you need to! The first book is Zack and the Dark Shaft. This recent installment, Bouncerís Folly, is an incredible cap to the last two books. You canít help but love Ramsey the minute he appears. And somehow even though Trevor has hurt many people along the way in his life, Zaraís personality weaves a couple of those relationships back together. And when the two of them clicked I had to read it to the end. Iím Joyfully Recommending Bouncerís Folly as it has it all; mystery, action, suspense, love and most importantly hot men loving one another.


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