Watch Me by Shelley Bradley
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-525-X
Reviewed by Bella




Shanna York has a one-track mind.  She’s a competitive ballroom dancer and is favored to win the California Dance Star Competition.  Nothing and no one will stand in her way.  That is, until her dance partner Kristoff spends a night of unadulterated lust at the club Sneak Peek and his performance is taped.  The scandalous DVD is sent to Shanna with threats to give it to the judges if they show up for the competition.  But Shanna’s not going to stand by and watch her chance of winning go down the drain.

Alejandro Diaz has wanted Shanna ever since he set eyes on her a few months ago at a charity event.  Now, she shows up at his club determined to discover who’s blackmailing her.  When they make a plan to act out their own sensual club performance, neither is prepared for the way it makes them feel.   But when Shanna confronts her inner demons, will she allow her heart to open to Alejandro, even at the cost of her dancing?

I just love whatever Shelley Bradley writes, and Watch Me is no exception!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading sexy, Alpha Alejandro’s sultry seduction of one-track-mind competitive dancer Shanna.  Their public performances at Sneak Peek was intense, and oh so scorching.  Sexuality aside, I found myself really feeling for Shanna, her lifelong desire to be dance champion, and the conflict within her learning that there might be more to living than dancing.  I found myself guessing, almost to the end, the motive and perpetrator of the blackmail, and yet the ending wrapped up nicely.  Kudos to Ms Bradley and her joyfully recommended Watch Me.  I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of her talents in the novella realm.


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