Wanna Play by Gail Faulkner
Ghost Unit, Book 3
Elloraís Cave
Reviewed by Indy




Willing to do anything for the brother of his heart, Blaster finds himself on the set of an upcoming best selling movie with one of the hottest and coveted new actresses in the business. Jasmina Carsons is liquid motion; a tall compact woman with feminine curves that donít mask the warrior inside. With a past that has decided to come out of hiding, Jas finds herself the target of a few attacks that leave her steaming and Blaster wanting to come to the rescue. As Jas and Blaster learn how to work together and she trusts someone new for the first time in a long time, her unknown assailant isnít the only ghost Blaster will have to fight if he plans to keep her long after this job is done.

Talk about an American wet dream on ecstasy: action, characters that donít mind kicking major butt and a story full of the toughest soldiers you will ever find, retired or not.  Wanna Play is the latest addition in a series that continues to blow my mind. Jas, the tough actress from the streets who has had one too many encounters with the taint of human evil and Blaster, your more than average southern man with the ability to blow stuff up. Gail Faulkner is truly gifted when it comes to creating stories that are psychologically powerful, with traces of darkness that leave you in shock, but like watching an accident you just have to keep looking, or reading in this case. Jas and Blaster turned out to be an interesting pair because of the constant need for Jas to exert herself and with the patience of Job, Blaster won my heart. His taming of a woman who would always be a wild spark, was controlled, steady and poetry in motion, a true master who understood what it would take to gentle a woman who didnít have any real reasons to trust men. I am positive fans of this series will love this latest addition, and for me it has become a must reread story to add to my collection.


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