Toy Box: Feather by Vic Winter, Drew Zachary and Chris Owen
Torquere Press
Gay Romance Anthology
Reviewed by Sabella




Feathers for Ed by Vic Winter

Allan and Ed have a deep and passionate love that they express whenever they come together.  This time Allan brings home a quill to play with and to write the song of their lives on Edís skin.

Feathers for Ed is an incredibly sensual story that gives us a glimpse of the life of Allan and Ed and the passion that they share.


The Feather Duster by Drew Zachary

Sam and Robert are just as hot as ever, but this time Sam has struck gold with his inspiration to buy a feather duster.  What can Sam do to Robert, or better yet, have Robert do to him with those soft feathers?

As usual Drew Zachary wrote an incendiary tale involving Sam and Robert.  The Feather Duster is so hot that it will leave you sweating and wanting more of Sam and Robert.


Light Touch by Chris Owen

Jake and Tor have a routine that works for them.  But when Jake unwillingly hears a story of the use of a feather during sex, he canít help but imagine what he and Tor would get up to, if they had some handy.

Chris Owen has once again brought us a glimpse of Jake and Tor in Light Touch.  This story is hot enough to melt your screen and the end will leave a smile on your face.


Toy Box: Feather is an awesome anthology.  All three authors wrote memorable stories that will by turns melt your heart, laugh out loud and leave you hot and bothered.  Do pick up this anthology today; it will be worth staying up late to read it!



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