The Write Man for Her by Christie Walker Bos
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781419909542
Reviewed by Tanya




Jessica ďJAĒ Singer is a hard working advertising executive with no love life since her divorce.  She has Merlin her bird for company and her best friend Cath for moral support, if not a good laugh.  Jessica has decided to take an online creative writing class to help her in the writing of her novel.  She is instantly drawn to her professor and canít figure out why he wonít meet her in person, and why he will only give her a C on every assignment.  Cath helps her cook up a plan to find him and uncover who he is really is, and why he's a recluse.

Brant Wilson, online professor extraordinaire, hasnít dated since a few failed attempts after his wife left him six years ago.  He is intrigued by JA Singer but, he has learned the hard way not to break his rules for anyone.  When he is fallen over, literally, by an enchanting mid-30 year old he canít help but flirt.  But, when she reveals herself as JA will he pursue the attraction or take off for the hills?

Add an office jerk to the mix, some fun loving and accepting friends and a love meant to be and you get this wonderful tale.

I found The Write Man For Her to be a very fun story with a number of tough subjects dealt with by the author, in a way that made the entire book pleasurable.  I think Ms. Bos not only dealt with a physical challenge but she also handled the sexual harassment aspect of the storyline with class.  Many could probably learn from how her character reacted to things.  I enjoyed that banter between the main characters as well as the secondary ones, and hope that The Write Man For Her is the first in a number of stories by Christie Walker Bos that I am going to be able to enjoy.  The more I think about this story the stronger my convictions to make this one of my July recommended reads.


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