The Whole Shebang by Elisa Adams
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-185-8
Reviewed by Tera




Lucy is a divorced mother of four boys. Even though a love life isn’t at the top of her list of things to do, it’s way up there on her boys’ list. Especially the oldest two – eleven-year-old twins. When their fifth-grade teacher is replaced for the last couple of months of school by an attractive man, the boys come up with a plan. Lucy receives a phone call about their behavior and she wonders what could be wrong…until she sees the teacher. While she knows what the boys are trying to do, she isn’t at all happy about their scheming ways, she can’t help but be attracted to the younger man.

When David calls the mother of two of the boys in his class, he isn’t prepared for the woman he would meet. At the first meeting of their gazes and the touch of their hands, he wants her. Badly. And after Lucy fills him in on what the boys are trying to do, he wonders if he shouldn’t just expand upon their idea and get to know their mother a little better.

The Whole Shebang  was an adorable, heartwarming story that absolutely tickled me to death. At times, I found myself giggling aloud at the boys’ antics to get their mother and David together, and I commended David for taking it all in stride and not letting any of it get at him or upset him. I know many men who wouldn’t have taken it quite as well. I loved David’ persistence and I think the depiction of Lucy and her views about things and how she was so torn was very accurate to how many women in her situation would feel. The connection, tension, and suspense between the two was a joy to read and kept me interested to the very last page, waiting to see how things would turn out between them. And also to see what the boys might do next! Great job, Ms. Adams!


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