Sinfully Sweet by Anna J. Evans
Perfectly Wicked, Book 2
Elloraís Cave Publishing
Not-So-Grimm Fairy Tale
ISBN: 9781419911491
Reviewed by Indy




Thankful for small favors, Bella is happy that sheís at least been proven innocent of a crime against two of the Kingdomís children.  Too bad her innocence in the public eye isnít as successful; with her business close to ruins from the loss of clientele, all Bella has left are the years her family has spent creating some of the tastiest delights the kingdom has ever had.  When the king of toys, Sex Toys, Heath comes knocking at her door offering her what he considers to be an offer she wonít be able to refuse, Bella is confused and excited by the quirky and downright sexy connoisseur of love.  With two of the top business people in the kingdom you also get enough baggage to fill a castle, so only time will tell if this possible merger will come out sweet as candy.

In another decedent tale of whimsical debauchery Sinfully Sweet is as innocently sexy as it is deliciously erotic. Heath is one of the oddest and most lovable neurotic heroes you could ever meet. Sexy, dorky and plain weird at times, he still came across as a man anyone woman would love to have by her side.  I guess only Anna J. Evans could craft such a hero and make it work.  His sweet as the milkiest of chocolates, Bella, was also a doll; a contradiction of personalities, siren and innocent prude all wrapped up in a nurturing package of goodness. I canít recommend book 2 of the Perfectly Wicked series enough, especially if you love fantasy and enjoy oddball characters with plenty of personality and wit.  This is a story that will definitely leave a grin on your face and a tingle where you love it most!


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