Simon Says by Lori Foster
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-10: 0425216586
ISBN-13: 978-0425216583
Reviewer: Melissa




Simon Evans, aka Sublime, thinks that his life is working out great, until he finds out his longtime girlfriend has been cheating on him. Itís then that he realizes that although heís rather angry, in all reality, he really doesnít care and that although heís been satisfied with his life and his job promoting the SBC fighters, heís fallen in a rut of familiarity.  He quickly decides to jump back in the ring.  A decision that leads him into the path of Dakota Dream and the father who walked out on him years ago, a father he has no intention of having in his life.  However, Dakota intrigues him and despite himself he canít keep his mind off her or stop spending time with her.

 Dakotaís stepfather is blackmailing her.  Either she succeeds in getting his son, Simon, to talk to him in person or heíll destroy the letters from her mother that were written before she died.  Due to Dakotaís disastrous marriage, Dakota and her mother had not been on speaking terms at her death and she is desperate to know if the letters contain her motherís forgiveness.  Even though Simon is determined not to have any contact with his father, Dakota stays around to convince him to help change his mind.  As their relationship takes unexpected turns, she finds herself discovering that Simon has become more important to her than anything in her past. Only now the past, in the form of Dakotaís deranged ex-husband, has come back to haunt her and with Simonís ex-girlfriend determined to win him back, Dakota and Simon may have to fight for their lives and the love theyíve discovered.

In all honesty I have to say that Simon Says kept me up practically all night! It was that good.  Simon was so yummy and when it comes to heroines, Dakota is my favorite kind!  Filled with smoldering sensuality one moment, action the next and just the right amount of humor thrown in, Simon Says is one book that everyone should grab up immediately!


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