Silver Dreams by Kate Steele
Red Cloud Wolves, Book 1
Changeling Press
ISBN 978-1-59596-518-9
Reviewed by Rosemary




Falsely accused of a crime he didnít commit, professional gunman Landon Jeffers is on the run from a posse.  Crossing the Arizona desert, he stops to rest in a hidden cove surrounded by mountain-like boulders.  Hidden between those boulders, Landon discovers a stream of fresh water, a vein of silver and strange glowing stones that mesmerize him and alter his dreams into visions of wolves and an Indian brave.

Silver Dreams is an illustration of Kate Steeleís extraordinary capacity to merge a great plot with hilarity, emotions and love scenes so sizzling I was transported to red cloud nine.  Needless to say I enjoyed this story immensely; I look forward to any and all future Kate Steele submissions.


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