Shameful by Amanda Young
Missing in Action, Book 2
ISBN: 1-59998-517-9
Reviewed by Klarissa




With a heartbreaking past to fuel his vengeance, Shamus Long thinks he’s finally found the lair of his enemy.  Stopping off at the only hotel in town, Shame and his friend Ty hole up there before striking out.  On the challenge of his friend, Shame seeks out the cute hostess to see if he can score some action.

Shame’s on his way to see Gail with no idea how his future is about to change.  Is Gail the one that will help him recover after his painful heartbreak or will she end up betraying him to his enemy?

Shameful is a great story that definitely highlights Amanda Young’s talent.  From the very beginning I was consumed by emotion from Shame.  It was just heartbreaking, but it gave me a better feel for his need for vengeance.  Shame and Gail are a lively couple any reader will enjoy.  And I have to give kudos to Ms. Young for the ending.  Great job!  I love to anticipate a coming story.  Shameful is a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read!


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