Sex Stings by Louisa Trent
Loose Id
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-486-2
Reviewed by Indy




A broke P.I. with just as much morals under his belt as stupid decisions, Daniel Murphy finds himself going from one soul sucking job to another. With loan sharks breathing down his neck for overdue debts, Daniel has a chance to finally make the money needed to start over with a clean slate. His newest assignment, Terry Walsh, should be an easy job, catch the conniving gold digger doing something wrong and collect his fee so he can move on with his life. Terry, a psychic in hiding, has learned to keep her gift private and her heart encased in stone. Daniel Murphy with his crude behavior speaks to her on a subliminal level sheís unable to fight.  Falling apart as the connection between them grows, the lies and betrayals that started this love affair may become the thing that tears them both apart.

Heavy, emotionally numbing and full of soul wrenching occurrences, Sex Stings is another masterpiece in the arsenal of Louisa Trentís mind-blowing stories.  The ravenous sexual events between Daniel and Terry are nothing compared to the deep-rooted psychological issues prevalent through out this tale. Ms. Trent captured a depth of emotions often felt, but rarely understood. I see the face of Terry on many women who suffer from the lack of knowledge of their own true worth. I was even surprised, considering how Terry and Daniel came to be, that I still felt a kinship with the hero no matter how many times I was disappointed in his actions, because his goodness was still glaringly obvious. This is a story I recommend for anyone who loves it when a book calls to them and provides them with a turbulent experience. This isnít sweet, the lovemaking wasnít pretty. To be honest at times it was downright raw, but in the end these two peas fit just as they were meant, magnificently.


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