Sex Me In by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh
Triad Series - Book 4
eXtasy Books
Shape Shifter/Paranormal/Ménage
ISBN: 1-55410-770-9
Reviewed by Tanya




Rachana, “Ana” to her friends has devoted her life to finding the Temple of the Lady Goddess.  She is empathic and part of a coven, which has made her take a vow to find her mate and help save her planet.  The women on her planet are being used as breeding stock for the cruel Banart Army and Hienial Slavers.  Ana decides to take matters into her own hands and before she sends out the spell to attract her mates she also sends out distress signals.  She casts the spell, knowing no one will hear her, let alone the two mates that her coven sisters say are ‘in the cards’ for her.

Kel a Tigerian Warrior, and Wry a Lupin Chieften and shape shifter are suddenly on her ship. They were both responding to Ana’s SOS when they are teleported aboard her ship.  Both are stunned by the other and by Ana.  When she tells them why they are there they seem easy to accept their fate, as women are scarce in their worlds and they are both drawn to Ana instantly.  Are they all willing to become a Triad of Power and respond to the call by the Lady Goddess?

Sex Me In is the 4th installment in the Triad Series by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh, and a fantastic addition at that.  I found Sex Me In to be sizzling hot and steamy.  In addition to the hot and steamy sex there was a lot of character development and plot advancement in this installment.  I can’t wait for the next book, and recommend this book and the series thus far to all for an erotic adventure.


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