Scandalous Profession by Elaine Lowe
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-41991-152-1
Reviewed by Klarissa




Mesmerized by a beautiful woman in the park, Richard Wilcox, Esquire, found he wanted to know more about her.  She has a small son, much the same age as his own giving him reason to be at the park where he hopes to see her each week. 

Luck is with Richard when a rainstorm sends them all rushing to his home.  Richard learns much about Charlotte and soon they each find the love and passion they’ve always hoped for.

Scandalous Profession is what happily ever after is all about.  In such a short story, I got completely caught up in Richard and Charlotte’s lives.  Each one having overcome struggles to find their way to where they are now.  Scandalous Profession made me believe in true love and happily ever after all over again.  This story reads so different from many historicals, but it will still transport you to the time and place.  That’s why I’m making Scandalous Profession a recommended read.


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