Sacrificed by Sydney Somers
From Tonight Until Forever, Book 2
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60394-031-3
Reviewed by Gracie




Julia Sanchez has spent a century trying to put her feelings for her life mate, Brody, behind her or at the very least make them manageable.  After all, Brody left her and if it were not for Will and Gabriel, she may not have made it.

Brody Atherton is a century’s old vampire and he has spent the last century trying to avoid the hunters who seem to want something he cannot give them.  Brody knows that he hurt Julia when he left, but he will not let her be hurt by the things happening to him.

Julia thought she had put Brody and all the pain behind her…okay, not all the pain or hurt…and had her life on track, but she was wrong.  Her club, Infinity, is doing well, she is surrounded by good friends, and then everything changes.  Julia finds out that Brody is being held captive and she has to find him.  Brody is furious when he is told that Julia is looking for him and he must convince his captors that he is not interested in her, but he is going to ring her neck if he ever escapes. 

He escapes with the help of a very old acquaintance and the first chance he gets, he confronts Julia.  The attraction is so strong between them that Julia cannot resist the pull.  Brody tells Julia that she needs to leave things alone and he tells her that he does not love her anymore.  Unbelievably, Brody leaves Julia again.   Julia is finished with Brody this time, but a visit from a stranger changes that.  Julia decides to go after Brody against Gabriel’s wishes.  Once she finds Brody, Julia becomes more involved in the mystery surrounding Brody, but will Julia and Brody be able to find the love they once had?

Sacrificed is an excellent addition to Sydney Somers’ From Today Until Forever series!!  Julia is kind, beautiful, smart, strong, and still in love with Brody.  Brody is sexy, strong, and all he wants is to keep the woman he loves safe.  Sacrificed is an emotional and very hot story of two people who need to be together even though one of them tries to resist.  Sydney Somers writes wonderful stories with characters that this reader just longs to read more about.  All I can say is Sacrificed has left me begging for more!!


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